You Name It, We Can Fix It

Trust decades of washer/dryer repair experience in Republic, Springfield, Marshfield, Nixa, or Ozark, MO

Is your machine not operating like it should? Chances are, there is something wrong with your washing machine or dryer that requires the attention of an expert.
An underperforming washing machine or dryer could lead to serious disarray in your household.
Rather than waste your time trying to fix the problem on your own and risk further issues, let the experienced professionals at Hawkins Appliance Service in Springfield, Republic, Nixa & Ozark, MO tend to your washer and dryer repair needs.
With decades of trusted experience and extensive knowledge, you are likely to have a functioning washer or dryer in no time.

Common Problems we can repair:

Servicing Springfield, Republic, Nixa, or Ozark, MO

  • Washing machine leak burst: this can commonly occur when your hoses are worn out and need to be replaced. Hoses should be replaced by a professional washing machine repair professional every 3 years.
  • Washing machine drain & spin: If your washing machine isn't draining or spinning properly, you most likely have a clog or require a filter replacement. An appliance repair technician can identify the issue and repair it in a timely manner.
  • Abnormally loud machine: This could be caused by a faulty drive pulley, a failed tub bearing, or an overused clutch assembly that can all be easily serviced by an appliance repair technician. 
  • Blown thermal fuse: This is commonly caused by limited airflow from the vent and may require replacing certain parts of your dryer.
  • Broken dryer belt: Over time, your dryer belt may start to deteriorate and require maintenance. Different brands may require different repairs.